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Your family is there, friends wondering what a cheer competition is really all about sit in the stands, some of the best of those friends stand beside you now.  The MC calls your squad up and you take the mat.  While the crowd cheers in anticipation you can't really hear them, your mind is racing...Your reputation is on the line, but you are calm, collected, and smiling.  Not just because coach said it was important in practice but also because you realize she looks really funny right now standing off to the side of the mat making that gesture with her fingers and the corners of her mouth excitingly trying to get everyone to smile as big as you are.  You have practiced so much over the last few months that you think you have started counting sets of 8 in your sleep! But enough's time to perform...

Nothing ruins a great day like this more then bad music, mixed off tempo, with horrible over use of sound effects and poor overall sound quality.  Let us match your level of preparation and raise your expectations as to what cheer-music really can sound like.

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From The Archives

Sample #1-Hip Hop/Mixed

Sample #2-Old School/80s/Hip Hop/Techno/Metal-This sample features our ability to scratch your team name right into the music!

Sample #3-Old School/Madonna/80s/Motown

Sample #4-Run DMC, DMX, Freestyle scratch by turntablist and staff member Lil Pat.

Sample #5 Hip Hop Mega Mix

Sample #6

Sample #7-Mixed Hip Hop

As you listen to these samples pay special attention to the transitions...because after all you might not like some of these coaches music selections, but the way in which we fit them together is what is important.


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