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Whether you are performing at half-time for a professional basketball game, or just pre-show exhibition for a middle school wrestling match one thing remains the same, great music is a must.

We have been creating great dance music for routines for over 7 years now and we still find more and more unique ways everyday to add that something extra no one else has.  It doesn't matter if you want something as complicated as a variable tempo project or as simple as one song remixed for 30 can be assured either way of top notch service and if you ever need something adjusted we will be there for you.




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From The Archives Dance Team Samples (mp3)

Dance 1-Created for a professional sport's teams dance team.  The client wanted an old school mix sure to be recognized by the crowd.

Dance 2-Hip Hop/80s/Mixed with gradual temp changes-this really gets judge's attention without overusing sound effx!

Dance 3-Funk/Old School

Dance #4 4-Nas/Christina/Nelly/Old School

Dance #5-We are family/Respect

Dance #6-Hip Hop/Metal/Mixed Tempo

Dance 7 Hip Hop Mega Mix

As you listen to these samples pay special attention to the transitions...because after all you might not like some of these coaches music selections, but the way in which we fit them together is what is important.

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